Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer PDF Download

Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer PDF Download

By: Charles Krauthammer
Relase Date: 2015-05-12
Genre: Political Science, Politics & Current Events

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“My only weak criticism is that I had to frequently stop and look up the meaning of many words he utilized in his writings... a compliment and testament to his vast and knowledgable use of the English language, but from which I ultimately benefited by expanding my own personal vocabulary. A well written compilation of opinion pieces, but backed up by historical context, reasoning and facts. I miss Charles’ wisdom and wit already... Eternal rest to a truly brilliant mind and man gone too soon.“

“One of the best books I have read in years. A pleasure to read, thoughtful, well written and humorous. Delightful to read someone who has thought so deeply about the major issues of our day. Give it to all the liberals on your gift list to show them what true conservative principles are.“

“A pampered princely persons priorities are so much removed from the rest of us who have to punch a time card. Those who work for a living make up a larger share of this nation than those removed from the rest of us. Why in the %#¥£+~> are we giving this "author" any deference? We've been following pieces of fecal matter of his ilk since 1981 can we finally start ignoring people like him and finally think for our selves for once.“

“Worth your time. This is a wonderful read and very thought provoking, that is, for those willing to open their minds and see the world the way it is, rather than the way they would like it to be. It is a collection of essays and short articles both from years past and current events. It wasn't until I got halfway through it that it dawned on me that this book offers, in my opinion, substantiation for a quote made long ago, "Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it". A data point for "Cause and effect". AJ“

“The book was highly insightful I would recommend it strongly to other readers. Portions of the book for like a trip down memory lane of current events. I look forward to his next piece.“

“Great read.“

“I tried, I tried real hard to dig in on this book. I love Charles opinions and ability to see the big picture on important domestic and world issues. This book just seemed long winded to me on things that really didn't grab me. To each his own opinion, some may love this book, I didn't .“

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