The Pride Series by Jill Sanders PDF Download

The Pride Series by Jill Sanders PDF Download

By: Jill Sanders
Relase Date: 2013-09-11
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Have really enjoyed the pride books LQQKING forward to more“

“I have read the first book and thought it was a great book and i think when people want to say something negative about a writer who is giving us a great series to read should just keep their opion to their self i think it is wonderful for you to give us something to read to get out of the hum drum of life so what it has some misplaced words or incorrect words we are adults and should know how to put in the right words where they may be incorrect please keep doing what you are doing“

“The basic story lines are intriguing but the lack of editing including spelling typos, missing words, repetition, wrong verb tense, and improper pluralization bog down and detract from the experience. Also if you are looking for a good storyline as the predominant reason for reading then the abundant amount of "romance" may be a turn off. Again, intriguing storyline but it could benefit from some serious editing and finesse!“

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