Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts PDF Download

Shadow Spell by Nora Roberts PDF Download

By: Nora Roberts
Relase Date: 2014-03-25
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Not your typical Nora Roberts book in my opinion. Very slow and hard to follow. Definitely a disappointment and wish I could get my money back...“

“Not her best work“

“I love reading NR's books, and enjoyed the first of this trilogy, and was very excited to read Shadow Spell. I was very unhappy with the low keyed plot other than them making plans to take over the villain. I quickly became bored with it all.... I surely hope Blood Magick is the one to bring it all together with some sort of story until they finally finish the villain.“

“First I love Nora Roberts. This is a lovely little story. It has good character development, great imagery and a continuing plot. It was a pleasure to read. I almost skipped this book based on two reviews I read. This is not Nora Roberts best and I wouldn't recommend this as your first Nora Roberts read. But if you've read her work before you'll find this book a rewarding addition to your library. Now the negatives. It's a little short and pricey. I think one larger book with the whole story would be much better and I'd be willing to pay for it.“

“Very good“

“This sequel to Dark Witch was awesome. I can't wait for the 3rd book of this trilogy, Blood Magick to come out. I love Nora Roberts books and this author has never disappointed me. I hope you continue to write and write and write!“

“Nora Roberts continues to deliver great story telling and romance in this 2nd book of the Dark Witch Trilogy. I'm looking forward to book three!!“

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