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“I don’t plan to watch the movie but the premise seemed intriguing enough to spend $3 on the book. It was a page turner that I read in 2 sittings. I liked how tense the book felt in spots, it got my heart going a few times for sure!“

“Not the kind of book I would normally pick up, but certainly one I couldn’t put down!“

“Could not put this book down and that's a book I've been looking for. But can we please get a sequel? After reading this I am left feeling like I want to know what's next. I want the characters to find a way to get more information and to find a way around this or something. And I'm also left feeling like i just watched a horror movie. Haven't seen the movie version yet but you know that feeling like you just want to pull your curtains closed and lock the doors and just feel totally creeped out. So despite the unanswered questions it's a pretty good book in my opinion when I'm sucked in, can't put it down and you go through the emotions with the characters.“

“Ending left JUST enough to be desired. Suspenseful, riveting, compelling. Wonderful book.“

“I read this shortly after seeing the movie. It was truly amazing. I hated the parts about the dogs, but dogs always hit me in the heart.“

“This was so good I wish this could have another movie and also a game I’m going to look that up“

“This movie/book has absolutely destroyed me and my friends but it was completely worth it. 100 out of 5 stars. Highly recommend.“

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