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“Loved the pick up lines! I love this book so much. Read it more than twice! You will enjoy it too:) And of course, read Nothing Left To Lose. The Guarded Hearts Series are the best! X“

“This book is great! A book never made me laugh so much!!!!“

“Nothing left to lose and this! Can't think of a better way to spend a couple days off!!! Love the love stories“

“This book is my biggest waste of time and I didn't even finish it because it got so boring and predictable, it's also the most unrealistic book I have ever read“

“This book is amazing even through around chapter 10..then u realize there is about a billion other chapters of pointless chatter that benefits the story in one bit ..way too long ..and I most likely will never read anything from this author again“

“Totally loved it and reread it about three times!!!“

“SO GOOD. read this and the first one a few years ago on wattpad and LOVED them.“

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