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“🦇Please please please write another book! This series has made me laugh and cry and I need to know more!🦇 - Kieko Evergreen“

“To make the Gregor the underlander series there should be a second one that has Gregor go back to Regalai Then fast forward 9 years in the eyes of boots“

“I loaf it“

“I just finished the series and I wish there was a second serous once I start to read it is hard to put the book down“

“The story and plot is fantastic and always leaves you wanting more. I read the entire series in 5 days. All of them were amazing but the ending to series was absolutely horrible. They did not even let you know what they chose, to stay in New York or move to Virginia. Maybe a 6th book to explain what happens to them. That would be amazing. Please and thank you.“

“I love this book! But I was sad to see Ares die. They should do another series or a book six. I know not many people read this series but it’s great.“

“This is just a absolutely amazing book please make more“

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