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“4 stars“

“Scariest endings of a book that I’ve read in a while. It left me quite disturbed. If anyone thought that Stephen King had dropped off at all, this book put him back on top of the greatest writers of this generation list. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!“

“My absolute favorite book.“

“Could of been decent if the ending did not make it so stupid.“

“Another treat from SK. He is equally adept at writing youthful love as he is at writing from an elder’s perspective. This book has both in equal measure.“


“I will believe this book was written by Stephen King AFTER you have convinced me my head is a pumpkin. I lied. I wouldn’t believe you even then. It is clearly written by a person who has studied and mastered the mechanics of prose, how to put very many words together in a way that makes them seem to make sense together, to contribute to the rendering of a story. The author, however, absolutely fails to impress upon the reader even the slightest sense of the suspense the author imagines is oozing from the pages of this book, fails to create any remote sense of danger except for 1.5 pages at the very end - long after all interest in the story has been lost and the only ones still reading are those with a compulsion to finish what they started - and fails to illustrate what is suppose to be a moral conundrum but actually turns out to be a preachy fixation on the part of the star of the story that is hard to get a grip on. I bought a book by the author of “It”, “The Stand”, and “The Shining”. What I got was a book by his nephew who is learning to write and hasn’t the backbone to get started the way his uncle did. I am angry and sorely disappointed.“

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