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“The best books I have ever read! I love the fact that I could also get them in audiobooks they're great when I'm driving to and from work or at work I love love love them!!!!“

“Loved it!“

“Great finish to this trilogy. A fun read.“

“I usually love Nora Roberts but this was such a poor effort I doubt I will read another of her books for a long time. This book was just a rehash of material in the first two books in the trilogy. No new character development, dialogue repeated over and over, plot tired. Seriously, don't waste your time.“

“Having read 95% of Nora's books including JD Robb, my opinion is that this is her best series in years. Having Irish ancestry causes the characters to speak to me more than her normals. I love the bonds, the animals, the majicks and most of all the friendship and loyalty. Well done Nora.“

“Everything you'd want in a magical, exciting, yet it almost feels down-to-earth story. I had to read all three, and yet I still wanted more. A fascinating read!!“

“Well done again Nora Roberts! Now I want more trilogies! Read all so far. More, more, more! This was a great ending to the trilogy......“

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