Rain on the Dead by Jack Higgins PDF Download

Rain on the Dead by Jack Higgins PDF Download

By: Jack Higgins
Relase Date: 2014-12-30
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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“Possibly the worst political "thriller" I've ever read--AND, the worst by Jack Higgins ever. Just going though the writing motions...and the motions of cashing a check. I'm done.“

“Another great book by Jack Higgins!“

“So.....hard.......to.....read...I gave up 1/3 of the way through. The most disappointing part is I can never get that 3 hours of my life back, or my money.“

“Very disappointed with this latest Higgins story. The plot is just way too far fetched. Facts are just totally inaccurate. Like throwing stones into the Thames from Hyde Park. Errors such as Piece instead of Peace, and way too much going on in the story line. Probably the last Higgins' I will read. Pity really, the early ones were quite good.“

“Super boring. Found myself skipping large amounts of the book. Lots of characters getting killed and no real plot advancement. It was like... "Who cares?"“

“What if...this book was not written by Harry Patterson (Jack Higgins)? This is the second book in the Dillon series in the last fews years that smacks of ghost writing. What if...Mr. Patterson is auditioning another writer to carry on the series? He is 85. Maybe thinking about retirement? If so, we can only hope that this guy is not the one. BTW, came to this theory by page 88... Ferguson does not talk like this. Dillon drives the Mini - not the bad guys. I could go on.“

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