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“I am a huge Patterson fan and have had great enjoyment reading his books. I loved reading Cross my Heart & Hope to Die, great ALEX Cross. My comment is, this story should have been one book not two. This felt to me like there was no reason to make this wonderful story into 2 books, other then for strictly commercial reasons, which makes no sense because James Patterson is one of the most successful writers in the whole world. If a friend didn't tell me me that Hope to Die was the extension of Cross my Heart, I mY have never known to read it , which for me would have been terrible. Because the end of cross my Heart left me a little cold.“

“Whew! The end of "Cross Your Heart" was such a ridiculous cliffhanger, I couldn't decide if I couldn't wait to read "Hope to Die" or if I was through with Alex Cross in disgust. If I hadn't read "Cross Your Heart" right as "Hope to Die" was released, if I'd had several months to wait, I believe I'd have never read the second book. And after reading first few chapters of "Hope to Die" , I almost put it down, thinking James Patterson had finally jumped the shark with Alex Cross novels. But I kept reading, because it's practically against my religion to not finish a book. And, WOW, about halfway through "Hope to Die", it drew me in with that usual James Patterson style, where I did not want to put it down, the action was so fast-paced, it was breath-taking. But Ya almost lost me with these two novels, Mr. Patterson. In the end, though - two novels well worth reading. I'd suggest not reading "Cross Your Heart" unless you have "Hope to Die" in hand ready to read right after. Just treat them like one really long novel that takes a while to become fast-paced and impossible to put down.“

“I tried my best to get started with this book and finally deleted. Patterson has lost his ability to tell a good story“


“I really I joyed this book and I hope everybody reads this AMAZING BOOK😍😘“

“I steadfastly avoid all books that Mr.Patterson "co authors." I should have included this. It is formulaic and predictable and shows a tremendous decline in either his ability or interest in engaging the reader.“

“Alex has his grove back! Fast paced, interesting story, strong characters, and of course the villains. The love for his family is always a plus. Have read all the Cross novels. Keep them coming Mr. Patterson!“

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