Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders PDF Download

Loving Lauren by Jill Sanders PDF Download

By: Jill Sanders
Relase Date: 2014-03-14
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“Loved it. Suspense, romance and family drama all rolled into one. Mickey“

“I enjoyed every page. I love when an author gives enough of a setting description for context, but let’s me, as the reader, fill in the nuances. The denouement was classic. The love story was sweet and funny and frustrating at times, in other words, realistic. I’m glad I downloaded this book. I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series.“

“I loved the emotion in this book“

“Such a sweet story. Romance on a quiet scale.“

“Was hooked from the beginning. Sweet story. Can't wait to read next book.“

“It took me a while to finish this. It was just okay. I feel bad not giving good reviews, but had I read this review I would probably pass on the book. I was already vested in the book so I had to finish it. Yikes. It was drawn out and there wasn't a real story just a cluster of events that really didn't have anything to do with the other. Good luck if you do read it.“

“Excellent read...keeps you captivated all the way through!“

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