Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell PDF Download

Depraved Heart by Patricia Cornwell PDF Download

By: Patricia Cornwell
Relase Date: 2015-10-27
Genre: Mysteries & Thrillers,

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“I really, really tried to read it but couldn't. The first 30 pages and have no idea what it is about.“

“Will not disappoint!“

“I will give this book one star because I didn’t give up on it when it entered the “stupidest” territory. It didn’t resolve anything. I would not recommend this book.“

“If you are a Kay Scarpetta fan, this book does not disappoint. Although there is a better sense of continuity if the books in the Scarpetta series are read in order, fans of forensic novels and medical mysteries will enjoy reading any book in the series, in any order. Read in order, each novel builds on the next, as each character develops. Readers are introduced to each character, and then throughout the series readers experience family bonds, friendships, growing-up, challenges, mystery, and sometimes surprise. The villains are usually different in each book, although many have ties to previous psychopaths, and a few appear multiple times. There are a variety of elements to every book, and most all include forensics, criminal profiling, technology, FBI, law enforcement, and the workings of a medical examiner, (just to name a few.) The medical and forensic terminologies used are accurate, but not distracting from the storyline because they are clearly explained and not difficult to understand. After I read the first book in the series in less than a day, I found I wanted to read the next. By about the tenth book, I had read all that had been written to date, and anxiously anticipated the next book being published. I would read the book cover to cover in less than a day, and then the waiting started again. No matter how hard I tried, it is nearly impossible to not want to read “just one more chapter.”“

“Really a lousy read. Couldn't get into it.“

“Some new twists and turns. Hope this is a series as this left me feeling there is more.“

“Somebody, please stop me from ever trying to read a book by this author. Sooooo much talking and the same thing over and over. And after you wade thru that it has no firm ending. Stop me.“

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