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“Cassie Dewell is a good strong character, and the plot was interesting, However, the characters in this book are not as likable as Joe Pickett, his family and Nate. I think what I disliked was the killing off of Cody Hoyt. He was an interesting character who appeared in two previous books.“

“C.J.Box just keeps the good books coming. I always love reading about Joe Pickett and his family and now I have Cassie to look forward to also. Can't wait for a new Joe Pickett and the next Cassie . Thank you C.J.Box !!!“

“The book was a good read. I enjoyed the way the plot unfolded and the bad guys got their just rewards. The Cassie character is a modern western gal and I look forward to the next North Dakota installment.“

“Another great read. Like the rest, never long enough!!! Couldn't put it down. Now I have too wait for the next release.“

“Being a nearly life-long North Dakotan is what initially got me to choose this book, in part to single out the exaggerated and incorrect information about life here that I've seen so often in other stories that use my state as their locale. Surprisingly, there's very few; Mr. Box has done his research well. I also expected a cheesy plot like the one in the "North Dakota"-based movie, "Wooly Boys," a film I generously give a 1-star rating. Having finished "Badlands," I'm hoping the author writes a sequel to finish the "Lizard King" scenario, and I believe "Badlands" would make a worthwhile film, as long as Box was involved with writing the screenplay. As a North Dakotan (who doesn't mind -30 degree winters) I can recommend "Badlands" for plausibility, and as an avid reader, Mr. Box as an author. 4-1/2 stars. -8.21.15, Mandan, ND“

“Overall, this was an excellent book. It has just enough suspense to keep the readers attention. I gave it 4 stars because it ends so abruptly.“

“Superficial at best. Earlier novels much better.“

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