Rescued By the Rancher by Victoria James PDF Download

Rescued By the Rancher by Victoria James PDF Download

By: Victoria James
Relase Date: 2015-04-14
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“A year ago Meredith Anderson ran from her past. She fainted into the arms of Gage McAllister, foreman at the Tall Pines Ranch. A year later and she's still skittish and struggling with her attraction to Gage. Will a one night stand turn into more? Who will be there when her past catches up to her? Such a heartbreaking story for two such wonderful people who deserve happiness. Being an angry teenager totally affected Gage's entire life. It's a good thing we sometimes get second chances. For Meredith, growing up and having your spirit crushed, makes for quite a miserable person. It's a good thing she has her sister, Melanie, to turn to. I love seeing someone who's been broken down, come back even stronger to face their bullies. This is a tragic and beautiful love story that includes a very SEXY cowboy or two! A great addition to the Tall Pines Ranch series. Victoria James has proven once again that she knows what she's doing when it comes to writing about those sexy irresistable cowboys! Gage McAllister is definitely book boyfriend material. Received a copy in exchange for an honest review.“

“3.5* Meredith Anderson left her overbearing and controlling parents and fiancé to start a new life in Tall Pines to help her sister Melanie run her Wedding Planner business. After a year there she has bloomed into the new and approved confident Meredith. Gage McAllister arrived to Tall Pines Ranch an a desperate and angry teen. Over the years of being taken in by the Forrester's as part of the family Gage has become a strong and honorable man but is plagued with the secrets from his past. Meredith and Gage have suffered terrible treatment by people that should of cared for and supported them. Both have been offered a chance at a better life but old hurts and demons have threatened to take them down. False pride and fear of not being accepted may keep them from the thing that can save I really enjoyed this story Victoria James has a talent for pulling you into the lives of the characters and you can't help but cheer for the HEA.“

“This is the story of Meredith and Gage. She is learning to have a new life without those she loves controlling her every action. He is thinking of leaving and just gives her one night. Meredith has had so much bad happen in her past. Her parents are very manipulative and do not want her to have a close relationship with her sister. She comes to live with her sister and brother in law at Tall Pines - after she has had enough! Gage wants to buy his own property. He has friends and family here but desires to be his own boss. He also think Meredith deserves more than he can give. The only thing they cannot deny is each other. The sparks flying off them is almost too hot for anyone else in the room. Can love conquer all? Can you really get over your past? The true meaning of family and real love are just a few of the subjects this book covers. I found the characters entertaining and fun. This is another keeper for the shelf! ***This ARC copy was given free from and the publisher, for review purposes. My honest opinion does not reflect Netgalley, nor its affiliates.“

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