Breathless in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully PDF Download

Breathless in Love by Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully PDF Download

By: Bella Andre & Jennifer Skully
Relase Date: 2015-06-10
Genre: Contemporary, Romance

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“This is the first book review I’ve ever left. I enjoyed the book a lot in total. What I wanted to comment (happily) is that I enjoyed the characters and how honest the book was about living with, and loving, someone with disabilities. I appreciated the honesty, including how happy one can be and how fulfilling it can make family members lives. Thanks again! I’ll be continuing to learn more about the Mavericks.“

“Great story of trusting and believing in someone else who doesn’t believe in themselves!“

“Sweet story about overcoming inner fears and demons through love. Nicely written albeit very predictable and repetitive.“

“Interesting story with great coverage of those with disabilities.“

“By Bella Andre and Jennifer scully What an emotional rollarcoaster but a great read! Highly recommend reading! Bookbub“

“This contemporary romance contains well developed, believable characters. Will, is a handsome, unselfish billionaire. Harper, Will’s love interest, is a devoted sister of her younger 18 year old brother. Jeremy had previously been hit by a car & in a coma. Now, six years later, Harper has arranged and devoted her life to her brother. However, Jeremy wrote a letter to Will, admiring his rare car collection and is invited to visit the collection. That is when Harper and Will first meet. He immediately realizes he must trend slowly with her and Harper notices how kind & patient Will is with Jeremy. Eventually love blossoms and Harper makes decisions after Will has proclaimed his sincere feelings. In the end, Will is truly her “road warrior.” -Jan Repath“

“The guy really didn’t care about Harper. He didn’t even care that he was leading her on, and he knew he was. He didn’t care enough to stop leading Harper on, he only liked her because she was special. Their first encounter was so drawn out because of her stupid brother, who couldn’t take the hint she didn’t want to be around the jerk.“

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