The Mistake by Elle Kennedy PDF Download

The Mistake by Elle Kennedy PDF Download

By: Elle Kennedy
Relase Date: 2015-04-28
Genre: New Adult, Romance

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“I like this book it was ok I like the story but the deal is way more interesting and fun. I love Garret.“

“Not only was this a great love story of two college students, but also a true testament to the meaning of family. I loved how Grace and Logan had total opposite types of parents. Grace really struggled with Logan's decision for after college. She had the perfect parents, divorced but still best friends and I think she was blind to what Logan was going through. It was cool watching her open her eyes to Logan and his love for his father and brother. I loved the struggles Logan was going through with his family, because it was similar to the struggle I had growing up. I wasn't passing up the opportunity to play for a major league or anything like that, but I had similar parents to Logan's. I could relate to his story. I loved, yes loved again, the ringer Grace put Logan through to prove his intentions were good. Gave me some ideas for when my husband screws up again. 😄 Good book. Highly recommend.“

“I loved this book! I don't know why it took me so long to start this one considering i loved The Deal. Logan and Grace were amazing. I really liked how they got together and how logan worked so hard to win her back. I loved his back story about his family too. I wish i knew more about Jeff. I felt so bad for him. I also like Daisy and Morris. I wish I knew their story. I also couldn't stand Ramona, even though i kinda felt sorry for her in the end. I just don't think i could've been friends with her after everything went down. Grace was awesome though I loved her personality and her and Logan together was the best. I can't wait to read The Score! I keep hearing it's even better than this one <3“

“This story was not what I was expecting and it was a pleasant surprise. Grace just wants to experience freedom and be the typical college girl but so far she has not found anyone that excites her. Logan shows up at the wrong room and meets Grace and so it begins. This story was a journey for Logan and you felt his passion, his heartache, and hopelessness. Truly hope that we get to hear more about this couple in the next book and see how their relationship is evolving.“

“Love love loved this book! And the series!!! I've never laughed so hard reading a book! So funny seeing the thoughts of these characters. And loved how each book connected to the next and kept giving glimpses of past characters.“

“This is book # 2 in the Off-Campus series. This book can be read as a standalone novel. It is just better read in order intended since it has such fun pieces and inside jokes that will be better understood if you read in the correct order. John Logan and Grace Ivers meet in the college dorms. Logan is not looking for anyone special, until he figures out that he was not lusting after his best friend's girl - just their relationship. Grace, on the other hand is not sure what to trust about Logan, since every chance they get together, Logan screws it up somehow. Logan has a lot of pressure on him. Star hockey player, college courses, friends and roommates, and job forced upon him by his alcoholic father. Like I said, a LOT of pressure. How does he relieve it? He finds a hook-up around campus. Grace is an excellent student who is just trying to survive her Freshman year in college. Her father is a professor, so he pressures her to stay away from the fun and the parties. Grace's mom is the opposite and wants her to have too much fun. Now what? Logan and Grace keep running into one another. Parties, movies, and the dorm. Logan cannot keep away from her now that he knows she brings him peace. Just being with her settles him mind and all the chaotic thoughts about his empty future. He tells her things he does not confide in anyone - even his very best friend. Grace has some friend problems of her own. When the jealous puck-bunny calls her out for lying about being with Logan, well .... you have to read it to believe it!! I sure hope they make this a movie because that will be one EPIC scene!! I found that this story was just as good as the first book in the Off-Campus series. The characters were there too, Such humor, fun and even some growth going on. Just an amazing cannot put it down read!!“

“Other than an abrupt ending, the prose flowed nicely. A fun light read.“

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